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Welcome To The Morgrave University Department of Artifact Acquisition, Research, and Archival

A letter from MUDAARA Provost, Seeker Na Ket Tonada

Salutations and Greetings,

Though we have likely spoken in person, I am pleased to welcome you as a new member of the Morgrave University Department of Artifact Acquisition, Research, and Archival (MUDAARA for short). As a faculty or staff member within MUDAARA, you will be tasked with cataloging and researching various artifacts and magical items that make their way down to our part of the Morgrave Towers here in beautiful Sharn, City of Towers. I know that you may have heard that MUDAARA faculty are frequently sent out on retrieval missions, but that hasn’t been necessary since shortly after the department’s founding back in 971 YK. No, we mostly use external research teams that bring back artifacts and other items of interest, which we look over, catalog, store, and sometimes destroy. While you won’t be required to do fieldwork yourself (unless unlikely budget cuts would require us to implement protocol 22), your unique experience with non academic work will prove valuable to the research teams here.

Yes, every member of MUDAARA is skilled in not just their own academic studies, but in various practical disciplines. I myself have spent much time in varied roles (including expert treasure seeker, personal assistant to a high ranking member of house D’cannith, and valued attache to a Brelish intelligence organization) and have found my unique skills very useful in my day to day work. I know you will find challenges uniquely suited to your own personal talents.

I know that the first day of a new position is often filled with many new things to learn, so I have prepared this packet of information hoping it will help acclimate you to the new surroundings. Please find enclosed:

* A list of other current Faculty and Staff members within the Department
* A map of MUDAARA areas within the Morgrave Towers
* A listing of proper academic titles.
* An index of various world information which you may find useful to fill in the gaps within your areas of specialty.
* The duty logs, detailing various work rosters and field work reports from our contract teams.
* The MUDAARA rules and regulations

I know you will fit in well, and hope you will enjoy your position within MUDAARA. Please contact me if you have any questions.

Seeker signature quid pro quo
MUDAARA Provost, Seeker Na Ket Tonada

Main Page

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