Professor Dawntreader


Lady Dawntreader was born into a noble family. She is the youngest of three children, having two older brothers. From the time she started her studies she was always groomed for the church. As the youngest she would not rule and the middle child was destined for the military. So, like all noble families, the other acceptable role for a child not next in line to rule was the church.

Her studies completed Lady Dawntreader accepted her position in the church, much to her dismay. Her childhood had been filled with happiness, merriment and frivolity, aside from the seriousness of her studies. Having two older brothers taught her the value of being agile and quick witted in order to escape their pranks. As the next couple years progressed Lady Dawntreader found herself constantly at odds with the elder clerics who did not share her passion for adventure and merriment.

When a position at Morgrave University opened Lady Dawntreader jumped at the chance to leave the serious, dour atmosphere of the church and take her skills elsewhere. It was not that she wasn’t a religious person, it’s just that she couldn’t stand the boredom. Seeking a position in the university seemed to promise her a chance to use her deep knowledge of religion and artifacts, while at the same time perhaps offering a chance for adventure and merriment.

Professor Dawntreader

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