Campaign Information

Name: Aegrotatic Adventures In Academia
Game System: D&D 4e for at least 4 sessions
Setting: Eberron
Themes: Cinematic, Anachronistic, Lighthearted, Improvised
Synopsis: The characters are all professors, students, adjuncts, consultants, or other staff members attached to the Morgrave University Department of Artifact Acquisition, Research, and Archival. While this sounds like a fairly prestigious department, it is actually an underfunded due to the habit of using outside contractors to acquire artifacts. While the MUDAARA used to handle negotiations with many of these artifact acquisition parties, individual professors in their own departments have taken over the hiring of parties in order to gain prestige and bounties for themselves. This has caused MUDAARA to come close to the brink of termination, but there is still hope. Their limited budget allows them to continue operating, if the professors and other staff members take on some of the fieldwork responsibilities…

Dice Rolling Method For Ability Score Generation: Roll 4d6, drop the lowest die. Do this 6 times (for the 6 abilities) and assign the abilities in any order you want. If you are unsatisfied with the ability spread, you can cross out that spread and reroll the entire spread again. This will generate higher abilities and let the players reroll multiple times, but it will create much more epic characters.

Game Charter/House Rules


Yup, I’m a fan of big archaic words, and Aegrotatic fits an idea for the campaign decently well. The players are all professors and staff members within MUDAARA (Morgrave University Department of Artifact Acquisition, Research, and Archival) and as such, they have classes and other professorial duties. Being out in the field will make it hard for them to get those done, so I found the old word aegrotat.

Aegrotat – A certificate indicating that a student is ill, excusing him or her from lectures and examinations and allowing him to pass courses for which he is too ill to finish the required materials.

It isn’t a perfect fit, but it works well enough and the theme will come into play within the game.

Aegrotatic Adventures In Academia

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