Game Charter

Game Charter

Never heard the term before? It’s simple, it’s just a listing of agreed upon game rules. You might have heard about it as the term Social Contract, but I prefer Game Charter because of the different connotation it presents. Here are some articles about it.


  • The game will occur bi-weekly on Friday nights, beginning at 6:00pm and going to about 11:00 pm. I’m going to do use the Calendar and schedule dates out as far in advance as possible.
  • We’ll likely play at my house down in Massillon.
  • The game will be 4th edition for at least 3 or 4 sessions. At the end of that time, we will decide if we want to switch back to 3rd edition.


  • The characters will all be professors, students, adjuncts, consultants, or other staff members attached to the Morgrave University Department of Artifact Acquisition, Research, and Archival. * While MUDAARA used to handle negotiations with many of these artifact acquisition parties, individual professors in their own departments have taken over the hiring of parties in order to gain prestige and bounties for themselves. This has caused MUDAARA to come close to the brink of termination, but there is still hope. Their limited budget allows them to continue operating, if the professors and other staff members take on some of the fieldwork responsibilities…
  • Your character can be anything (any class, race, etc.) so long as you clear the concept with the Game Master AND the character has some backstory element that makes them a member of the staff. This can be as simple as “After all this other stuff, they settled in to MUDAARA.” or “He is the newest member of MUDAARA, hired on as an outside consultant.” It can also be much more in depth, but that connection must be there.

Game Specifics

  • XP will be granted at the end of each session.
  • Levelling up will occur at the end of sessions.
  • XP will be granted for combat, but also for roleplaying and other non-combat situations.
    • 25 XP will be awarded to each player at the end of each session for good roleplaying
    • 25 XP will be awarded to each player at the end of each session for unique solutions/good use of skills
    • 10 XP will be awarded to each player at the end of each session for game focus (moving the game along quickly)
    • If a person is chronically late without notifying the GM, the GM can implement a -2xp per minute late penalty.
Action Points
  • An action point can be used to get a hint/gimme on puzzles.
  • An action point can be used to bend the rules a little in a creative way that the player comes up with on the fly. The GM has final approval. Source
  • A player can spend an action point before a dice roll to roll 2 dice and choose the better of the two dice. Source
Things We (The players and GM) Want To See In The Game
  • Dungeons
  • Situations that allow people to make use of skills
  • Morally Ambiguous play style
  • Characters with depth
  • Item Creation/Gear/Loot will be handled quickly without hindering game play time. (We will be using the game’s academic framework to bypass things we don’t want to bog ourselves down with.)
  • Specific loot will not always be random, but geared towards meshing with players.
  • Incorporation of some oceanic elements
Things that have annoyed in past
  • Mspeak and other game disrupting jokes
  • Exclusion of some characters while other characters go do stuff. I.e., when people are absent, all sorts of stuff happens, absent players miss out on rewards.
  • Logic puzzles that take a long time (We will use timed puzzles, or I’ll provide generic points that can allow them to be bypassed)
  • Gaming that steps on toes, spotlight stealing, lack of communication about what people want from the game
  • Excessive distraction and laptops and other devices that detract from game away from table.

Game Charter

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